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Pests are tiny creatures but can make your living in your house miserable and uncomfortable. Pests for example bedbugs are a significant threat to human life and can cause diseases to the affected parties. They suck the blood out of your pets until they can dry them. Many people are dealing with pests infestations in their homes and even in hotels. There are so many ways of pest control practices available nowadays. They range from the use of chemicals that is pesticides to other natural and safer methods. There are some natural ways that you can try putting into practice. For example, during the day, you can use birds since they are insect predators, introduce predatory pests like ladybugs and green lacewings, create traps which are majorly applicable to the rodents, using nematodes which are efficient when it comes to burrowing pests.  


Despite the desperation to get rid of pests in the home, some people do not want to expose their homes or business to hazardous chemicals. Many people are sorting to use environmentally friendly options. This includes the use of integrated pest management (IPM).  It is a control method that makes use of simple but efficient and environment-friendly techniques to deal with pests. It is an approach that contains decisions, evaluations, and controls that can be used to manage and prevent pest infestation successfully. It is usually defined as an approach that depends on human insight and reasoning power. It is both agricultural and non-agricultural environments for pest elimination. It focuses on pest management techniques that are known not to harm humans, animals or property. Its primary goal is to reduce or get rid of chemical pesticides to eliminate pests. It supports techniques such as handpicking the pests or its egg or larvae, uprooting infested plants, mulching and using organic insecticides like ashes. It is both eco-friendly and cost-efficient as well. It is a process of pest management, evaluations, and controls which integrates preventive and corrective measures to keep pests from causing significant problems. Read more at  



There are many advantages attached to the use of natura pest control methods. You get to eliminate unwanted pests without the use of chemicals. This renders the process safe for family and employees in your business. It also helps the environment as it seeks to protect nature. Homeowners are not only ones seeking natural ways of getting rid of pests by farmers who grow fruits and vegetables too. They try their best not to use chemicals on their farms to make the products as natural as possible.